Welcome to YogaFantasy

  • YogaFantasy was founded on Feb. 7, 2017 by Martina Schenkl
  • YogaFantasy has an approach to wellness that incorporates the physical (body), mental (mind) and spiritual (spirit).
  • YogaFantasy offers unique perspectives to help you find your fulfilling journey in life.
  • YogaFantasy was created for daily inspiration and motivation to always keep you in a GOOD MOOD.
  • YogaFantasy tries to give you a new outlook for a better and healthier lifestyle.
  • YogaFantasy is an online platform for a future online magazine.
  • YogaFantasy reviews a wide variety of yoga studios from all over the world.
  • YogaFantasy provides yoga and meditation retreats created by Martina.
  • YogaFantasy provides Yoga in the Park – Nuremberg , Private Yoga lessons and Yoga Skype with Martina.
  • YogaFantasy always tries to give you only the very best.

Martina says;

“This is where I can share a piece of me. It is a place for people like you all around the world who are looking for daily inspiration and motivation to ensure you have a POSITIVE MIND and are always in a GOOD MOOD! I want to show you and inspire you from inside and outside, to be a happy, vital person and to keep your mind open to new possibilities”.

YogaFantasy Goals by Martina

My goal is to explore the world and inspire, encourage and be inspired by all the people around the globe through positive thoughts, yoga, meditation and a healthy lifestyle.

What is YogaFantasy?

A creative mind. Fantasy is a necessary ingredient for life. It is a way of understanding it.

YOGA – Self-realization, Body + Mind + Spirit, Yin & Yang. . .

FANTASY – Imagining the impossible, creativity, originality, vision, dreaming, make-believe, start doing. . .

Finally, I would like to say a big thank you to my followers and readers. Thank you so much for reading my YogaFantasy blog. Thank you for following me and for your comments and support during my travels and daily yoga adventures. Thank you for letting me share my wonderful work with you! I love you! I feel incredibly grateful to be a part of our fantastic yoga journey!

Thank you

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