Welcome to YogaFantasy in Adenau!

Would you like to do some yoga in the Eifel area? If yes, then you are on the right website. 🙂 

I am a young, experienced yoga teacher who loves to teach and practice yoga everywhere in the world, it doesn’t matter if it’s Adenau, Bali or at a racetrack. I will guide you through your yoga journey inside out, to help you to understand your body, to improve your strength, flexibility, balance and calm your mind and spirit so that you feel relaxed and happy.
PS: All ages are welcome; it doesn’t matter if you are eighteen or sixty because we all feel different in our own skin. 

 Join the YogaFantasy community and make yoga and fantasy a part of your life. Whether you’re in Adenau just for a few days or you live there, make an investment in your health and wellbeing at YogaFantasy and it will stay with you for a lifetime.

WHEN: From 5.6.2019 every Wednesday 19:30




  • TRIAL LESSON  €10.00
  • DROP IN / 1 CLASS € 17.00
  • 10 CLASSES € 140.00 

DURATION: 90 minutes

Slow Flow Vinyasa Yoga allows beginners to create their own synchronized movement, while learning poses and how to move, breathe, and stretch between poses. Slow flow brings the element of time into the practice. The participant has time to evaluate how and when a pose should be modified, due to physical limitations or limitations in experience. The participant also has time to mentally engage with the body, as it moves through a series. The mind and body connection is one of the main goals when practicing all forms of Yoga. Gently flowing Vinyasa is wonderful for discovering one’s personal limitations and learning how to move past those limitations.

Become familiar with your body, create a reflective pause, and create the time to go inward. Gently flowing Vinyasa Yoga is a therapeutic dance of moving meditation.

In this class we will concentrate on gentle movement with several breathing techniques, and we will work with all muscle groups. This class is perfect for all levels, including beginners and all people who want to relieve their stress and get their balance back. 


  • Book or cancel your class at minimum 90 minutes before we begin. (You can WhatsApp me, email me or call me). Because of the capacity, make sure you are on the list.
  • Please arrive 10-25 minutes before the class starts.
  • Wear comfortable clothes for yoga exercise.
  • Bring your own yoga mat or if you don’t have one you can rent one from me for € 2.00.
  • If you don’t speak German, The class can be taken in English.

Do you want to know more? Ask me any questions via email, WhatsApp or you can just call me.

Contact Me

    Martina Schenkl


    I’m looking forward to seeing you! Namaste  Martina