What does yoga mean to me/you?

Good afternoon everyone, today I would like to write about yoga, and ask you one question;

What does yoga mean to you?

Have you ever asked yourself what yoga means to you? Is it just daily exercise that makes you feel good or is there something deeper inside? If yes? What is it? Maybe you should grab a piece of paper and write it down. Write down every single thought, feeling and any ideas that come to you. Describe all your feelings and try to find the answer. 
If you want, you can share your words with us. Email me: myogafantasy@gmail.com and I will share your email, here on my website. (It will really make me happy and I will truly appreciate it.)

Now, let’s get back to yoga and how yoga helped me.
After a few years of practicing yoga and meditation, I found out that yoga really heals me.  Actually, yoga completely changed my life. I became a better person and now perceive life in a totally different way. I also started to love myself, my body. I became more confident, balanced and relaxed. I am now more grateful, thankful for everything I do, have, see or feel. Yoga also opened my eyes and I now value myself totally different than I did before. I am sure most of you know what I am talking about, and have already found or will find this way of life. Either with yoga or without it.

What does yoga mean to me?

If I ask myself and go more deeply I would definitely answer; yoga is for me more than a daily routine. It is the energy of bliss, which is flowing into my movements and is filled with love, happiness and peace in the present moment in my body, mind and spirit. Every time when I practice or teach I feel really good. My mind kind of switches to a different “channel” and my smile rises up. Although sometimes I feel lazy, I know it gives me energy. So I decide to do it, and have more fun.

“To me yoga means the energy of bliss and being with “my true self.”

AND HOW ABOUT YOU? What does yoga mean to you?

Photo by: warman.photo & crpges 

Namaste, made with love by Martina