Wanderlust Hollywood is amazing! A yoga heaven indeed!! 
Wanderlust Hollywood is:
Meditation center 
filled with love, peace and spirituality.
Truly? This is the place you HAVE TO visit!!! No joke! It’s my favorite yoga center in Los Angles. I guess, it’s the best kundalini yoga in LA.
The whole place is so inspiring that you could easily spend a whole day there! Doing yoga or having a special healthy meal and detox juices. 
I can’t say enough good things about this place.
My experience?
As you already know from my Facebook page and Instagram, I attend two times a kundalini yoga class with different teachers. 
I am truly blessed for being surrounded by such amazing and wonderful people.
My first kundalini class was with Normandie Keith
It was the best kundalini yoga ever! The energy in this class was so strong and special. I had a transformative spiritual experience during this class….. (Once, I will write about it). Normandie Keith is a wonderful woman with a beautiful soul!
Normandie, Thank you so much for a great time. I am so proud for being a part of your class. SATNAM
My second kundalini yoga class was with Indigo Lab (Kjord). 
This class was with live music featuring Anthea Jaskirpal Kaur and the band. It was a sparkling and very powerful and energetic… but not easy class. Sometimes I was thinking “I can’t do it” or “what will I do in Germany without Wanderlust Hollywood yoga?” Hehe, this thought I had during the class….
Kjord, Thank you so much for your cosmetic energy! SATNAM
Information about Wanderlust Hollywood
Wanderlust Hollywood is located 1357 N Highland Avenue, Los Angeles, CA 90028. 
When it’s open?
 Everyday! From Monday to Friday on 7 AM to 9 PM and on Saturday and Sunday from 9 AM to 7 PM.
How much is it?
Drop in for 1 class is 24$
5 classes 100$
10 classes 180$
20 classes 300$
Monthly membership 115$
1st month 45$
I parked on Highland Avenue but Wanderlust Hollywood provides patrons an attendant-parked lot with additional spaces in close proximity to the Center for a fee of $4 for 3 hours of parking Yoga guests $3 for 3 hours of parking for Members and $15 for Special Events.   
For more information about Wanderlust Hollywood visit their page. 
Have you ever been in Wanderlust Hollywood? Yes, No? Share your experience here with me. Leave me your comment below and I will share it on Yogafantasy.
From the bottom of my heart, I would love to recommend you Wanderlust Hollywood! Come in and give it a try!
Ps: Find your true North 
Made with love by Martina