Ubud Yoga House

When I was in Bali, I visited many different yoga places…..but none were like this one! The dreamy Ubud Yoga House right in the middle of beautiful rice fields! I completely fell in love with this yoga studio in Bali.

I got up very early to get there in time for the sunrise yoga! My best Balinese friend and driver Sutar-Waian picked me up on his scooter at my place and dropped me off at the studio. It was wonderful to drive on the tiny road through the shiny green rice fields and we arrived early.

I was very grateful for the lift and I told Sutar-Waian that I would walk back on my own. I went inside the house and met Sheila Burch. Sheila is the owner of Ubud Yoga House. She was very friendly and full of good energy so I started to like her immediately! She gave me tea and showed me the studio. It was so nice!

I went to sunrise yoga class and found it very inspiring and enjoyable. I loved the class and the knowledge and experience shared by the teacher there. The teacher was local, friendly and very positive! After the class we were offered a clean, cold towel and a glass of water.

When was I there?
April 2017.

Where is Ubud Yoga House?
Boutique yoga studio overlooking the rice terraces on the path
to Sari Organic Restaurant, Ubud, Bali – Indonesia
Mobile: +62 08 21 44 18 10 58

How much does it cost?
1 Card – 130,000 PRICE (IDR)
3 Card – 330,000 (IDR)
5 Card – 500,000 (IDR)
10 Card – 900,000 (IDR)
20 Card – 1,400,000 (IDR)

What type of person is this place perfect for?
Everyone! It offers yoga for all shapes and sizes, ages and levels!

What style of yoga can be found there?

Sunrise Yoga:
Awaken the body with Iyengar inspired hatha yoga
Yoga for Beginners:
This Yoga For Beginners practice is perfect for beginners but also nice for those looking for a slow and mindful back to basics class.
Explore downward-facing dog, warrior, chaturanga and more!
Gentle Yoga:
Slow flowing gentle yoga postures for every body.
Vinyasa Flow:
A dynamic yoga class for those who like a little sweat with their yoga.
Sound Meditation with Live Music:
Journey into a state of deep relaxation through meditative sound and music.
Guided Mindfulness Meditation:
Mindfulness meditation to calm and relax the mind
Tibetan Bowl & Yoga Nidra Meditation:
Tibetan singing bowls and a guided body scan to enter into a deep state of physical and mental relaxation
Moonlight Candlelight Yoga:
Experience yoga by moonlight and candlelight in our open air bamboo studio by the river.

I went to the main entrance and had a second tea and a chat with the other travellers. I remember that I asked Sheila about the snake situation around there because I was in the middle of rice fields and needed to walk a few kilometres though them.

Sheila replied; there are lots of snakes! Actually one week ago her cat had one of the most poisonous snakes around her neck. Omg! Luckily nothing bad happened to her cat. She said they were only playing together! Lol! I thought, oh sh**! I have to walk back alone through the rice fields! Lol! I was a bit scared but then I realized I was in Bali, Ubud. Of course there are plenty of these beautiful creatures there! They are more scared of humans than humans are of them. I was no longer afraid and so I left the awesome yoga studio.

I was hungry… so, I went to a very cool restaurant. It was directly in the rice fields. I ordered fresh juice, a yummy breakfast and coffee!

I opened my book and wanted to read it, but it was not possible because I felt so blessed, full, thankful and happy to be there. I simply couldn’t read anything. I was just so deep in my feelings. I was so happy to see the beautiful nature, creatures and to walk through the rice fields! Thank you Universum for this opportunity in my life! Thank you Sheila and the Ubud Yoga Team!

PS: If anyone is in Ubud I would advise them to definitely visit this place. I know you will have a wonderful experience while you are there.

BTW. I look forward to my next class next time, soon!

“One of my favourite and for me the best yoga studio in Bali is Ubud Yoga House.”

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