The Yoga Barn

The Yoga Barn

I visited the Yoga Barn numerous times when I stayed in Ubud.

Absolutely amazing. Great atmosphere, yoga, and food. Super service and excellent quality of classes, teaching, space and food. One very good thing about the Yoga Barn is that you can meet great people from all over the world there. This is the best place for solo travellers like myself! This was a really great spot to meet wonderful people! Actually, most of my friends are people I met at the Yoga Barn studio or Yoga Barn Cafe. That’s why I always go back there!

I tried many different yoga classes. One of them was a “restorative yoga” class. It was really special. Then I went to “Tibetan Bowl Meditation”.

I also tried some Yin yoga and some Vinyasa Flow. These were really great and I felt extremely good after the lessons. I sincerely recommend these to you. My friend told me that Kundalini yoga should be really good, but I didn’t try it.

Most of the teachers I met were really great, very friendly with a sense of humor and positive energy.

Tip: get there half an hour early to get a good spot at the back.

I really recommend you bring your own yoga mat with you!

When was I there?
April 2017.

Where is The Yoga Barn?
The Yoga Barn Jln. Raya Pengoseken Ubud, Gianyar 80571 Located between Jln. Raya Pengoseken and Jln. Sukma Kesuma

How much does it cost?
1 classes– 130,000 PRICE (IDR)
3 classes – 330,000 (IDR)
5 classes – 500,000 (IDR)
10 classes – 900,000 (IDR)
20 classes – 1,400,000 (IDR)
 30 day unlimited – 2,600,000 (IDR)

What type of person is this place perfect for?

I would urge you to visit the Yoga Barn Garden Kafe and Kush Ayurvedic Spa!

I spent a few hours in the Kush spa. I would recommend you try the treatments which I had; Ayurvedic Crow Massage, Balancing Ayuryoga Massage, Relaxing Abhangs Massage and Grounding Hot Stone Massage. Ahh, it was absolutely perfect! I felt so good after my treatments! As a bonus at the end of the treatment you get lemon grass tea for free. You really need to visit this spa!

The Yoga Barn Garden Kafe is truly magical! Everything is delightful. The food is vegetarian, delicious and fresh! The people here are so friendly and always happy. Everything at this spot is simply perfect and the coffee is sensational!

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