My solo trip to Bali – part two

I opened my eyes and realized that soon I would be landing in Bali. It was 7pm Bali time. I got ready, packed my pillow plus some other stuff (headphones etc.) I was now just waiting to land. The landing was very bumpy and really scary. Actually, I don’t have a problem with flying but from time to time. I “hate” landing. I don’t know why. I only know it makes me nervous!

I picked up my luggage and went to find my driver. The driver was waiting with a big sign with my name on it in the departure lounge. That’s why I could see him. He is Balinese. He looked very friendly and happy. (I don’t think I have ever seen a Balinese person who wasn’t happy. They are always happy! He helped me with my luggage. We went via the airport out to the parking area and into his car.

When I opened the door from the airport I could smell the “Bali air” mixed with the scent of incense. At that moment I felt so special. My face wore a big smile. I felt like I was back home! I was there. I will never forget that moment.

The whole island simply breathes calmness, gratitude and humility because this is precisely how Balinese people are. They will accept you almost immediately, first the children and later adults, they wave to you with every step you take, and if they only know a little English, even if only a few words, they will want to talk to you. Though their days are filled with work, they still smile; they are so close to each other. They are not in a hurry, they have no place to rush to, the sun shines and the rice grows. Everything is right here, just like their faith in themselves, their family, their worthy work, the religion that is Hinduism. I love seeing the scented sticks light up their eyes as they offer sacrificial offerings with prayer. This magical act takes just a minute or two and is full of thanks, love, joy and peace. That’s why I feel so happy there.

On the way to Ubud we stopped at a supermarket and an ATM. Most of the time, I try to pay with my credit card but if you travel deep inside the island you need to have cash. Sometimes it’s difficult to find an ATM in the middle of rice fields, so make sure you have some money with you. In the supermarket I bought some food and water and I could not resist buying my favourite Balinese beer (bintag).

Finally I arrived at my first hotel. Bhuwana Ubud Hotel. I arrived very late so I couldn’t see much. I only heard the beautiful songs of the jungle.

I checked in and the staff showed me to my room. I checked my room but the bed was dirty and the walls seemed to be a home for the local wildlife. The staff called room service and they cleaned everything. I felt a bit stressed out and tired after my 25 hours of travelling. I hadn’t expected anything like this. I only wanted a clean bed and to go to sleep. In the end everything was clean. I called my hubby to say that I had arrived safety. After that I fell asleep.

The beautiful sunrise was calling me to wake up. So I did. I opened my eyes, stretched my body, washed my face and went out onto the balcony. I enjoyed the lovely view and felt heart warmed. I sat down with my spine straight in an easy pose (crossed legs position) and meditated. I tried to thank the energy of the sun for a while.

Then I put on some thin clothes and went for breakfast. I drank Balinese coffee and ate fresh tropical fruits.

In my mind there was only joy so I went to a spa and had a two hour massage. From time to time we should spoil ourselves a little and enjoy something nice. We deserve it! He – he, I think in Bali I had a massage every single day!

After the spa I visited a pool and ordered fresh banana juice, it was very relaxing.

In the afternoon I wore my yoga clothes and went to the reception where I asked for the shuttle service to the Bali spirit festival. They told me that this year there was no shuttle service from the hotel. I became a bit angry because I only booked this hotel because of the shuttle, and now there was no shuttle! Are you kidding me? I thought it was a big mistake to book into the Bhuwana Ubud hotel! Actually I would never do it again, because the hotel looks quite a bit different in real life than in their brochure. I enjoyed my stay there, but for the same price you can find much better places in Bali! So I will not come back to this place again (I hope) :-D.

Whatever, I went to the Ubud centre and tried to find the Bali Spirit Festival shuttle.

Yippy, I found it and everything was working out like it should! The shuttle service took me to the festival. During the drive, I started to get so excited! I arrived at the welcome entrance, picked up my ticket and presents and went to the festival!

The next part of my solo trip to Bali story is coming in my next blog post! Be patient and stay with me through my solo Bali travel experiences!

Bali Spirit Fest Video

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