My solo trip to Bali – Part three

My solo trip to Bali part three – or how it was at the Bali Spirit Festival ( if you didn’t read my previous blog posts and you wish to please click on the text of my solo trip to Bali part one or my solo trip to Bali part two).

When I went to one of the largest yoga festivals in the world, which takes place every year between March and April in the spiritual centre of Ubud – Bali, I couldn’t believe that I was finally there, because this was one of my greatest wishes which had come true!

I walked through the welcome entrance and was overwhelmed by the sheer size of the festival and by the opportunity to choose from so many events. There was simply everything! I wasn’t sure what to do first so I decided to walk through and find out what the best things to do were.

The daytime venue was located a short drive from Ubud at the Bhanuswari Resort, in a wonderful setting surrounded by lush green rice fields with a beautiful river flowing down below.

As I walked around I learnt about the program and all the things I could do at the Bali Spirit Festival. I was wowed! So many choices in just one place with the best artists and teachers from all over the world!

Just what can you do at the Bali Spirit Festival? You can do all kinds of yoga and meditation, listen to music, enjoy dance and movement, or take a seminar, breathing work or healing therapy. 
My first yoga experience at this festival was a sound and meditation session. After this class I was full of energy and felt completely free of jet lag.

The time simply flew by and the sun was slowly going down so I decided to catch my shuttle to Ubud and then go back to my hotel. Inside the shuttle I met some very friendly girls from Holland. We were chatting all the way back to Ubud. I asked them what hotel they were staying in and they said in the Bhuwana Hotel! What a coincidence! They were staying at the same place as me! So we changed course to the direction of our hotel and made plans to attend an evening concert together!
I went to my room, opened my favourite Lays sushi chips and took a break on my terrace, afterwards I took a shower, changed my clothes and went back to the reception, where I waited for the girls.

Where was the evening venue located? 
The evening concerts that took place were centrally located in Ubud at Arma. That’s why I would recommend everyone to book their hotel in the centre of Ubud. My hotel was located between the rice fields, which was really nice but to walk there at night was a nightmare and for me it was just not possible.

We arrived at Arma. Arma has a beautiful centre stage of carved stonework set amidst sacred trees. It was a pretty good place for a night venue! 

The first evening was Bhakti Night. The Bhakti Nights performances are lively and range from ecstatic dance to ceremonies and devotional chanting. They feature artists from all over the world. The Special Music Nights – Opening Party and Closing Ceremony offer a unique experience.

At the beginning of the Bhakti Night we listened to music, chanted mantras and danced. We spent around one and a half hours there and then decided to have dinner at the Arma Cafe and Restaurant. Around midnight we took a taxi back to our hotel. When I got back to my room I felt quite tired so I immediately fell into a deep sleep!

The next part of my solo trip to Bali story is coming up in my next blog post! Be patient and stay with me through my solo Bali travel experiences! Something very scary is coming in my next episode!


Made with love by Martina

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