My solo trip to Bali – part one

For the past two years I was constantly thinking about Bali and the Bali Spirit Festival. I wished to take part in this festival and journey with all of my heart.

At the end of August, it was the last day of the sales for the super early birds tickets and I thought to myself, if I don’t book it now, I never will! Lol! So I went out and bought a super early birds ticket to the Bali Spirit Festival!

Aaah! I felt so good and happy! From that moment on I started planning my solo journey, so I booked my flight ticket and began to count the months, days and finally, the hours!

The day of my getaway arrived at last! Yippee! I was really going to Bali! It was actually my third trip to Bali. But this was my first solo trip, so it was totally different. It was something new and I had no idea what I would do for three and a half weeks by myself, without my husband and Sparky – my little Yorkshire terrier. But I felt so excited. Actually right then I had the feeling that I needed to get away from this busy life. Before my trip I had been seriously ill (I will write about this another day) and I thought this is really the best time to go! To find myself, find my health and just do yoga, meditate and travel through the island…

I arrived at the airport, checked in and said to my hubby and puppy don’t worry I will see you soon! I went through the security check in. I became a solo traveller.

Damn, my plane was delayed for two hours! So, I decided to go to the bar and order two beers! At the end, with thee beers in my stomach and my plane nowhere to be seen, I felt a bit drunk. Lol.  So I ordered a small snack. After a while, someone told me that my plane was finally here and I should move my bottom and get on. I agreed, I paid my bill and ran to the plane. I sat on my comfortable seat and finally I was on my way to Bali.

Image: Prop & Peller craft pretzels

What luck, I was sitting by the window and the other two seats were empty. Immediately I took all three seats for myself. I stretched out and slept until Bali Airport – Denpasar (sometimes it is not such a bad idea to have some beers before your flight).

The next part of my solo trip to Bali story is coming in my next blog post! Be patient and stay with me through what will be the best journey ever! I promise!


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Made with Love by Martina