My solo trip to Bali – Part four

My solo trip to Bali part four – or how I withstood my first ever earthquake. (if you didn’t read my previous blog posts and you wish to please click on the text of my solo trip to Bali part one or my solo trip to Bali part two, my solo trip to Bali part three).

The sunrise woke me at around 6:30 a.m. I slowly went to my bathroom where I brushed my teeth and went to back to bed to read my messages.

At 7 a.m. I put my feet on the floor and out of nowhere the room and the whole hotel started to shake. At that moment, I thought fu*ck that’s an earthquake! What should I do? What will happen now? I put on shorts, a shirt and shoes, grabbed my phone and passport and immediately called my husband. I was totally in panic, I didn’t know what to do. I thought that maybe I should go to bathroom (as I saw in some catastrophe movies) or out of the hotel. He told me that I should get out of the room as fast as possible. I was on my way and then it stopped. The earth stopped shaking. I still felt scared and shocked. I was not sure what would happen next, because I immediately thought about a tsunami. I checked all the news. I read:  A STRONG earthquake has struck Bali, preliminary measurements of its intensity vary, ranging from 6.4 to 5.5. It shook the resort island but did not trigger any tsunami warnings. I thought at least no tsunami is coming and I hoped that no one was injured.

I tried to calm down so I decided to do some breathing exercises and meditate. I slowly calmed down but still felt shocked. Nothing like that had ever happened to me before. It was a very scary experience and I am very thankful that nothing really bad happened. From this experience I have learned that you just never know how long you’ve got on this earth and you should live everyday like it’s your last.

Every time something has happened to me, I have tried to figure out why it happened, understand it and learn from it. I believe that the universe is trying to say something to me – us through all kinds of situations, good or bad.

I went for breakfast and spoke with the staff about the earthquake but they looked quite relaxed as if nothing had happened. I thought, probably they are used to these situations and the only person who was shocked was the crazy tourist woman from Europe.

After breakfast I felt back in my good mood and caught the shuttle to Ubud centre. At 10 a.m. I had an appointment at the Yoga Barn spa, the so-called Kush Spa.

I went into the Kush reception. They took me to a beautiful open air cottage and brought me water with lemongrass and lemon. Afterward they showed me my massage room where I enjoyed every single second of the fantastic massage. Ninety minutes passed like a flowing river and my massage was over. I felt totally calm, happy and thankful. Balinese massage is the perfect start to the day!

Afterwards I sat in the same place as before and they brought me ginger tea. There I met a really nice person called Carlson. We chatted together and went to the Yoga Barn cafe. I had coffee and fresh juice and met other solo travellers. We shared our life stories and were very open hearted. 
Time was rushing by like crazy so I decided to go to the Bali Spirit Festival. In the afternoon I had a yoga session with Duncan Wong who is one of my favourite teachers.

Duncan Wong is the creator of the Yogic Flow Arts system and the originator of California Warrior Yoga in the west. He is well known as the world’s leading proponent in the field of yogic flow motion dynamics that infuses the natural balance of mantra wisdom, warrior technology and healing bodywork therapy. He trained with and taught many of the best in yogic, martial arts and performance circles, and is delighted to bring his rich flavour to the training menu.

He is a truly awesome yoga teacher. I think he is one of the best yoga teachers I have ever met. His movements, style, talk, music were absolutely perfect and his yoga session was brilliant. I can’t wait for his yoga session in 2018 at the Bali Spirit Festival. I had so much fun!

When the Duncan Wong yoga session ended, I was thinking what other yoga session I could have. I went for a walk through the festival area and checked the other teachers. I felt a bit too lazy to take another yoga session, so I went for a dance. The dance tent was in a big open area with a beautiful view of nature. I chose a free spot and closed my eyes. I was flowing through the rhythms of the music. I was dancing like never before. I couldn’t stop the movements. I felt so happy and so much in myself. Maybe I looked a bit crazy but I didn’t care because I was dancing toward my heart. Afterward, I felt a bit exhausted so I took a short break and that’s when I met Susana. Right away we started a very nice friendship; we exchanged telephone numbers and made plans to meet in the evening at the night-event. We continued dancing and afterwards we went to our next yoga class. Susana introduced me to Keri. Keri is a yoga teacher and blogger, so we had a lot in common. Don’t forget to check out the Keri , wildlyaliveretreats and follow her. You will love her.

The daytime action was almost at an end and I was very hungry and a bit tired but I couldn’t wait for some night-time adventure. I left the festival and went to the supermarket where I bought my favourite “dinner” sushi chips, bintag beer and some fruit. I took the shuttle to my hotel where I had a cold shower. I got ready for the evening and ate my not so healthy dinner. Then I took a shuttle to the Arma where the night festival was taking place. That evening they had a chocolate ceremony. At the entrance they gave me a chocolate drink and then I became a part of the ceremony. I tried to find Susana and Keri but the festival was awash with people. The phone network was not working very well so we didn’t find each other. I met other amazing people but I was so hungry and tired that I decided to leave early and go for a real dinner.

I found one sushi restaurant not very far from the festival. I ordered 4 main courses for myself because I was so hungry. The staff couldn’t believe that I ordered so much so they brought me only one. Lol. I explained to them that I wasn’t joking and they brought the rest of my food lol.

Afterwards I asked for the bill and if they could ask someone to take me to my hotel.

I went to the car and there I met Waian Sutar. He was the friendliest Balinese person I had ever met. He asked me if I needed some transport and I said yes. I was looking for someone who would drive me around Bali. We exchanged phone numbers and I told him I would like to go shopping in a Balinese market the next day, and asked if he could drive me. He said yes. So I told him that he could collect me at my place at 9 a.m.

In my room, I took a shower and immediately went to bed, then I rang my love and shared my day with him. Before I fell asleep, I went through my day in my mind.

I could not believe that so much had happened in just one day. What a day! I felt so happy and was thankful from the bottom of my heart for every single moment. Thanks again to the Universe.

The next part of my solo trip to Bali story is coming up in my next blog post! Be patient and stay with me through my solo Bali travel experiences! In my next episode you will learn something more about the Bali Spirit Festival.

Made with Love by Martina