Setting Goals for 2019

Hey guys, I would like to welcome you to 2019!

Okay, I know I am a bit late with my happy New Year wishes, but anyway, I want to wish you all the best in 2019! Be happy, be healthy, be you and shine all year long!

Actually, I wanted to share this blog post in the beginning of January but unfortunately I was too busy to even sit and write a few words down on paper.

It’s the beginning of 2019 and it’s time to set your goals for this year. Take a pen and paper and write down your goals! 

  • Set out your intentions! Ask yourself what you want and what you expect from this year
  • What is your big goal for 2019?
  • Ask yourself Why?
  • How will it make you feel if you achieve this goal?

Do you know how to achieve your goals? No? It doesn’t matter because below are few tools to help you figure it out. 

  • Listen to your feelings, your intuition 
  • Desire, because this is your life
  • Self-love and self-belief 
  • Reverse engine, work on yourself 
  • Dedication to constant learning 
  • Action, yes, you have to go for it 100 percent!
  • Set up positive role models – to help you think positively 
  • Dedication to taking aligned actions 
  • Find your leader or someone who inspires and motivates you and a support system of people who understand
  • Write all your goals and all your plans in your calendar or diary!

Always remember: 

It’s up to you! You create your own reality; your current life is the result of your current beliefs. 

So ask yourself; why live a normal life, when you could live the life of your dreams? 


Be reborn or upgrade yourself, and believe in yourself, it will open the doors to your dream goals!

I hope you feel a bit more motivated! If not you can always book my online coaching course and I will boost your inspiration and motivation!

 I believe in you! You can do it alone or we can do it together! I am looking forward to hearing from you!

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PS: may all your wishes come true!


Love and peace from your Coach Martina! 


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