River Inn Big Sur

Are you asking yourself, what to do at the weekend? 
Would you like to chill out and spend your weekend with your love, your family or just to be alone? Would you like to relax and clean your head?
If, you answered YES – let’s spend your weekend at Big Sur River Inn!
Why at Big Sur?
It is a perfect place to relax. You can sit on a bentwood chair right in the water and focus on yourself and switch off!
There is a good restaurant and a lovely shop that seems to have the sort of souvenirs and dresses that will not be found elsewhere. 
This spot is truly brilliant place.
I stopped at Big Sur River Inn for a lunch and ended up finding one of the awesome place on earth.
I think, It is a perfect place for your weekend stay or to break your journey being about midway down or up the Big Sur coast road. 
I had a delicious lunch outside on the back deck overlooking the river. I enjoyed the view and fresh air. Afterward, I wander down to the river and wade out to a bentwood chair into the river. The water was pretty cold, but it was so relaxing and enjoyable. Definitely, I would like to come back and explore a little bit more of the area.

Worth to visit!

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Made with Love By Martina