Private yoga at home? Why not!

Imagine; having a yoga lesson that’s so close to you…. So close that you don’t even need to leave home to enjoy it…
What do you think about that? Isn’t it wonderful? I know, it is! 

I always wanted to have a personal yoga instructor (just for me). The kind of instructor, who will tell me what’s best for me, how to practice my daily yoga and maybe even give me some tips on how to live a better and happier life! But…. I never found one! And that’s the reason why I’m here! 

I’m here for YOU! 

I’m here to help you! I’m here to motivate you and support you with your:

  • Body – Mind – Spirit
  • Thoughts
  • Balance – Harmony – Power – work out
  • Self-love – Peace  

Ask yourself: 
Are you stressed, tired or just too lazy to go to the yoga studio after work, school…?

Are you a busy mum with children at home?
Are you on a journey toward better health?
Are you without a car, so it’s difficult to get to yoga class? 
Is it hard for you to find a little of your precious free time to get to yoga class and back?

Did you answer at least one of these questions YES? 
Create more time for yourself. Give yourself a real gift. Get YOGA delivered to your home.

Send me an email and WE will arrange our first appointment! 
Email Address:

Yoga international 
Yes, you choose your language! I speak Czech, English and German.

Book an appointment by 21.07.2019 and get 33% off the full price of €79

For you! Yes, for anyone who is reading this. Right now.

Would you like to practice with your best friends or family?
Why not?!

Get your friends or family to join you in a yoga lesson and you can share the cost!

Are you looking for the most original present?

  • Birthday
  • Christmas 
  • Hen nights
  • Pajama nights 

There is only one more step to take to become a part of our YOGA training. Just get in touch. Contact me:

How does it work?
First of all you need to sign in online and reserve your class. After that I will contact you on Facetime or Skype and we will arrange our first yoga home delivery. 

How much will it cost?
The first private lesson is only €33

After that you will pay a one-off private yoga at home fee of €79
Get 10% off and book, SixSix lessons for €399
If you live more than 20 km from my location, an additional travel fee will be charged.

Martina Schenkl

My location

  • I’m based in Adenau, Germany.
  • I’m often in Nürburg, Germany
  • Sometimes in the Czech Republic – Prague or Zlín Area
  • From time to time I travel around the globe. So, if you are lucky you may find me in your town. 
  • For more information about my location follow me on INSTAGRAM

More about me and my experience
Click here!

Book your Home yoga by 3 21.07.2019 and get 33% off the full price of €79
Get yoga delivered to your home! Right now.

I’m super excited about seeing you soon!

PS: Give yourself a real gift and let your heart flow in your daily lifestyle! Yogafantasy

Made with love by Martina