On the way to Bali

After one year of hard studying, working and travelling I am on the way back to my home, Bali, the famed Island of the Gods! In truth, it is not my real home but the home of my heart. For that reason I always go to Bali and that’s why I am going to set up my Yoga Retreats there. If you would like to travel with me down there, and join our yoga holiday I would love to invite you to take part in our journey in Bali, this October 2018. Please, check this blog post, where you will find more information about it.


I am very excited and curious about my travel this time. I feel a bit nervous and I know I have so many things to do, there will only be a little free time for me, but I am very much looking forward to Bali, my friends, business, new teacher training and of course the Bali Spirit Festival.

Why do I love Bali so much?

First, it’s because of the people, their smiles, their constant good energy, deep spirituality and of course their unique culture and the varied and beautiful natural surroundings they enjoy.

Second, it’s because of the tropical weather. Daily sunshine, blue sky, or even the rainy days, I am totally in love with the place.

Third, I have the feeling that I will never, ever have enough of this island. I can do everything in my mind. I can explore this place from the ground or from the ocean thousands times and will always see new creations. I can do yoga from morning until evening, and I will always learn something new and inspiring. Or I can go shopping and I will definitely buy one of the most original dresses ever!

That’s what I love about Bali, the place where you can do everything and find everything.

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Namaste Martina