Oman “camera on the way”

My diary, so-called “camera on the way” of my seven days in one of the most awesome landscape I have ever visited.

Calling it the Middle East’s, It is celebrated for the things that make it different to the United Arab Emirate – its natural landscape, endless coastline and mountain peaks are a sharp contrast to the skylines of Abu Dhabi and Dubai.
Did you know that in Oman are numerous activities for tourists and It’s a credit to the sultanate and highlights the richest cultural heritage and history of the place, which you can visit here?

During our trip (me and my husband) through Oman we have seen so many awesome places! Truly, I could not get enough of this beautiful natural beauty!

First of all, I have to say big thanks to my hubby for his company on our vacation and second, I have to say big thanks to my new friends from the Red Country.
You did my vacation from the third day (will miss you)!

Are you asking why from the third day? Because the first two days were catastrophic. The weather was from the first moment unforgettable (so hot) and we couldn’t even go to the sea plus a tropical storm was coming and wanted to hit in our location but luckily didn’t arrive. So, so… It was the start of the time in an awesome Oman.

As we acclimated and could enjoy the warm sunshine, everything was immediately transformed into a paradise and we had a nice time. Thanks God for that!

We decided to rent a car and drive along smaller roads to more explore Oman. We drove through mountains, rivers, irresistible beaches, deserts or through rocky roads. It took us many hours until we finally have seen the true view of the land. On most of the places what we have seen, we were the only tourist in sight and it turned out that the places were more interesting than we thought. I have to admit that sometimes it was scary, because we were in some places totally alone without water and food. Luckily didn’t happen anything. We enjoyed the adrenaline. Ha-ha

MY TIPS – IMPORTANT: Make sure you fill up your car as soon as it’s half empty, because sometimes the petrol stations is closed or even petrol stations can run out of the gas.
Make sure you have minimum 2 or 3 liter water with you.
Make sure you have a spare wheel from your car with you and always rent only 4×4 car because sometime the roads are really unbelievable.
I enjoyed every second. Guess, who I met?! A dangerous snake, lazy donkeys, colorful birds, little turtles and a beautiful dromedary. It was unforgettable moments in an unforgettable place! Definitely worth a visit!

Made with Love By Martina