My solo trip to Bali – Part seven

My solo trip to Bali part seven – or how I attended a Breathwork session. (If you didn’t read my previous blog posts and you wish to please click on the text of my solo trip to Bali part oneor my solo trip to Bali part two, my solo trip to Bali part three, My solo trip to Bali part four, My solo trip to Bali part five, My solo trip to Bali part six).

This morning I opened my eyes after! I guess this was just not my early morning day.  I even missed my favourite breakfast, but I have to say that I felt extremely fresh and full of energy. I suppose my body was so tired and totally exhausted that I couldn’t even hear my alarm clock. We must listen to our bodies and take time to relax! Lately I have been doing lots of yoga, dancing and walking like crazy without really stopping, so actually I’m not surprised that I woke up so late today.

I dressed and went to the hotel restaurant where I ordered a pancake with fresh fruit and freshly squeezed juice. After my food I decided to swim in the pool and take a small break.

After 2 p.m. I went to the Bali Spirit Festival. I was lucky, because I arrived at the perfect time and went for breathwork with Christabel Zamor from the USA.

To attend this workshop was for me so blissful, so relaxing and pleasant. Christabel is like angel in human form, her work with people is more than transformative and I’m very thankful to be a part of her work. Thank you so much Christabel.


Breath of Bliss


Christabel is a trainer and life-coach with 12 years of experience empowering people to leadership. She is the creator of an ecstatic breathing practice called Breath of Bliss, an experience that helps people feel more aliveness, presence and love. It incorporates movement, touch, sharing and breathing. Christabel is passionate about training breathworkers who want to share from the heart. She has been featured in Dr. Oz, Live with Regis and Kelly, Time, Prevention, Shape, Cosmopolitan, Shape and hundreds of other media outlets. Christabel was listed with the Dali Lama in “The 100 Most Influential People in Health and Fitness of 2011”.

For more information about Christabel, see:

After the breathwork I met Susana and Keri and we went for dinner and afterwards we all went together to the evening venue. It is always a pleasure to be with these two beautiful souls full of positive energy, smiles and good vibes. I give thanks for meeting these two lovely girls!

Tonight we saw a concert with many different popular musicians. This evening at the Bali Spirit Festival was so special and so enjoyable. We met our friends and we all stayed together. We danced all night long. We laughed like never before and listened to our bodies in their dance movements.

The next part of my solo trip to Bali story is coming up in my next blog post! Be patient and stay with me through my solo Bali travel experiences! In my next episode I will talk about my last day at the Bali Spirit Festival.


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