My solo trip to Bali – Part five

My solo trip to Bali part five – or how I spent my day at the Bali Spirit Festival. (If you didn’t read my previous blog posts and you wish to please click on the text of my solo trip to Bali part one or my solo trip to Bali part two, my solo trip to Bali part three, My solo trip to Bali part four).

This morning I woke up, luckily without an earthquake and felt good. I did my morning meditation and had breakfast; afterwards I went to a reception where my driver Wain Sutar was waiting for me. I was really surprised that he was there exactly on time.

I thought about going shopping but then I changed my mind. I wanted to go to the Bali Spirit Festival and enjoy my day there. But first of all, I asked Wain Sutar if he could drive me to a local shop where I could buy a phone card. He drove me there and I got my SIM card and had the internet available for the whole day. Wain Suta drove me to the Bali Spirit Festival, where I spent my day.

I tried several things including painting, dancing, listening, meditating and taking a yoga session. It was a long day full of activities and never ending yoga. Ha ha.

Today, I had my favourite Vinyasa with the yoga teacher Young Ho Kim. I love his teaching techniques! This yoga class was full of great, but difficult movements and had really good music. I totally fell in love with this style. That’s why I decided to take the teacher Young Ho Kim for training this year in Bali. I’m super excited about it and I will definitely let you know how it is all going.


Young Ho learned many styles from the great teachers, but found nowhere that he really belonged. After studying for a long time he came to the conclusion that he had to blend all the knowledge he had and create a fusion of his own yoga.

Young Ho has since established the biggest and most renowned Studio in Germany, Inside Yoga, based in Frankfurt.

Young Ho’s non-dogmatic & scientific approach to yoga blends with the clearness and simplicity of Zen Buddhism. 

His down-to-earth style of teaching has inspired yogis and yoginis all across Europe and Asia. He truly believes in evolution and is always seeking improvement and on-going education.

For more information about Young Ho Kim, see:  &

At 6 p.m. I decided to go back to the hotel, I took a cold shower, changed my clothes and went to my favourite Atman cafe based in Ubud where I met several nice people and had some very healthy tasty food.

Do you know that feeling when you first meet someone and you feel like you’ve known them your whole life?  Well, this has happened to me only a few times in my life, but the feeling is really incredible and special. It feels like I met my sister or my best friend. I feel this way about Bali and the people I’ve met there because it’s always special.

 The Atman Cafe serves some of the best Organic Coffee in Ubud, with an extensive menu for Vegans, Vegetarians, Pollotarians, Pescatarians & MANY Raw & Gluten Free options. The quality and taste is really good! By the way it’s another great place for solo travelers. (Don’t miss this spot).

Afterward, I decided to go back to the evening festival where I danced and had great fun. Midnight was fast approaching so I decided to go back to my hotel where I immediately fell into my bed exhausted.

The next part of my solo trip to Bali story is coming up in my next blog post! Be patient and stay with me through my solo Bali travel experiences! In my next episode I’ll tell you something about an unexpected trip.

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