My solo trip to Bali – Part eight

My solo trip to Bali part eight – my last day at the Bali Spirit Festival. (If you didn’t read my previous blog posts and you wish to please click on the text of my solo trip to Bali part oneor my solo trip to Bali part two, my solo trip to Bali part three, My solo trip to Bali part four, My solo trip to Bali part five, My solo trip to Bali part six, My solo trip to Bali part seven).

Good morning beautiful word! Luckily, today I woke up early, did my sunrise meditation and went for breakfast.

Today was the last day of the Bali Spirit Festival and I was a bit sad that it went by so fast and my first week in Bali was almost behind me, but life goes on and I guess there will soon be some different excitement.

Yesterday at the festival I met a young couple (Radek and Kacka). I think I have not mentioned them yet. They are travellers and they come from the Czech Republic. They were so friendly! We decided to exchange numbers and today we decided to meet up. I was very surprised to meet someone from the Czech Republic, because until then I hadn’t met anyone from there during the festival.
When I finished my food, I called them and we arranged to meet up in 2 hours.

I had some extra time, so I made the decision to go to my room and pack my stuff. It was my last night in the Bhuwana Resort and I needed to check out at 2 a.m. because I planned to go hiking to the biggest volcano in Bali, Agung Mountain. I packed all my things and prepared just my hiking clothes and shoes.

The 2 hours soon passed and I went to the reception where I waited for my Czech friends. They collected me and we drove to a restaurant (Warung 9) not far away from my hotel.

Warung 9 is a cafe-style restaurant that provides a menu of western meals in combination with Asian meals and is a comfortable place to relax.

The atmosphere is very welcoming, the food is good and the Warung is based around such a beautiful concept; the food is prepared and displayed as a buffet, you take what you want and pay by putting the money in bottles on the tables, according to the amount and type of food you took. By the way it has very good food for vegans. They also offer free meals for people who can’t afford to pay, so be sure to buy a voucher and help someone in need get a good meal.

It was great to meet up and to speak Czech after a long time. We laughed, talked a lot and spent a few hours there and then we went to the Bali Spirit Festival and enjoyed the last day of it. Afterwards, I decided to leave and go shopping locally. I was not sure if I would come back to Ubud and I wanted to buy myself some nice things.

Evening arrived and I met up with Keri and Susana for our last dinner in the Atman cafe. I was a bit sad that I couldn’t go with the girls for the last night of the festival, but I needed to go back to the hotel and get at least 2 hours sleep before my hike to Agung Volcano.

We were a bit sad that our adventure was behind us and it was time to say bye-bye but we had a lovely time and some awesome memories of being down here in Bali all together.

Well, life goes on and we had to move on, to new adventures, to meet other people and to see different places – that’s life. Life is an awesome journey through all the wonderful and not so wonderful memories inside and outside of our bodies.


I want to say a big thank you to my friends and to all the people I met and didn’t mention in my Bali episodes. Thank you so much and thanks to my followers for following and reading my blog!

Have a nice day or night and remember: be positive, listen to your heart and move on.


Made with love