My number three tip for a better life in 2018

Be in nature as much is possible!

We all need to air our minds and brains from time to time. Nature is the perfect place to take a break and restart your thought process. Nature will heal your body, mind and spirit.

Nature is here to remind us quietly but firmly that we are a part of a much bigger whole, and we can always draw energy from this universal connection.

Something about my past

My parents’ house is located “in the middle of nowhere”, totally surrounded by nature and without neighbours. It was full of green meadows with wild flowers, hills and deep forests. The closest bus station was 10 minute walk through the dark forest. There was really nothing, only nature. I grew up there until my eighteenth birthday.

In those days I never ever thought about the power of nature’s energy and the benefits it could bring to mankind because my greatest wish was to move to the city full of noise and people. At that time I was bored of nature because I had always had it around me. In my twenties I realized the beauty and power of Mother Nature and was very thankful for where I grew up. Nowadays I’m looking for a place like I knew in my childhood. A quiet place in the heart of nature.

My advice

Try to find a little time each day to go for a walk. You don’t need to spend hours outside, even a short 5 minute walk daily can change your life situation.

If you live in the city spend some time in parks or take a trip to the surrounding countryside as often as you can.

Spend less time on your phone, only answer your emails once a day and limit the time you spend on social media like Instagram or Facebook. Throw away your television, read more and go for a walk or enjoy any outdoor activity. Go jogging, plant flowers, try stargazing or just let yourself drift along on your back in the ocean.

Choose holidays in nature. Go hiking, swimming or walking. Look at the lovely flowers, trees and exotic plants and listen to the beautiful songs of colourful birds. Simply be aware of the beauty of our world.

All of these things will improve your physical, mental, emotional and health condition.

Present moment

Yes, nature is the place of healing energy and the present moment. Be aware of it and you will be HAPPIER. Not only in 2018 but FOREVER!

PS: Don’t forget to breathe and give yourself big smile. 🙂

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Made in a good mood and filled with lots of love by Martina 


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