My number four tip for a better life in 2018

Today I hope to motivate you and give you tip number four for a better life.

Smile as much as possible! Because smiling is a very important part of daily life.

Even some scientists say that laughing for 10 minutes a day can burn anywhere from 10-40 calories and its good for you!


We deserve it. Whatever we are doing, whatever we are, we deserve to be happy and smile at least once a day. Each of us deserves some sort of happiness, and no one should deny themself a good smile.

Life is too short. We don’t get enough time on this beautiful planet to be anything but happy. Life is beautiful and we should find any and all possible ways to ensure that we are living it to its full potential.

If you smile you will become healthier, and you won’t need to see the doctor so often! Your body, mind and spirit will feel happy and your stress levels will go down. Lowering your stress levels can absolutely improve your health and your way of life!

My tips – exercises for you:

Tip number 1.

Before you open your eyes and get up give yourself a big smile. Perhaps you can’t imagine anything funny, but give it a try and smile. Even if there is nothing to make you happy, SMILE anyway, because this smile will make your day. You will start your day’s journey with a positive mind and everything that happens will happen because of how you started the day.

Tip number 2.

Smile meditation:

Find some cosy place in your home or go outside in the fresh air. Sit down in your favourite sitting position. You can sit with crossed legs, you can sit on your heels or you can sit in a chair, but remember your spine has to be stretched and straight. Relax your hands on your knees and close your eyes. Relax your belly, move your shoulders up and down, relax your face and give yourself a big smile. Concentrate on your smile and stay in the moment, stay mindful, in the here and now.

You can try this meditation for one week for at least 5 minutes a day and see what happens, but I can promise you that after a few days you will feel really good and your life will get better and better.

PS: Let me know how it goes!

Tip number 3.

When you go for a walk, or on the way to work or shopping, make sure you look into the eyes of every person you see and give them a smile. Just smile at the person next to you. You don’t need to know the person, but I am sure that at least 80% of those people will smile back at you. You will make yourself happy and other people too. Two in one! Just smile at everyone everywhere you go!


Remember life is a wonderful thing! You don’t need to be stressed about (stupid) things. Give yourself time, make your favourite tea, listen your favourite song, go for yoga or meditation lessons or join my yoga and meditation retreat. 

Do whatever makes you happy and just smile. Because SMILING is the best medicine!


Made with love by Martina