My number five tip for a better life in 2018!

Hey Guys! Are you ready for our fifth tip on boosting forward motivation? I hope you answered yes! Because, today I am giving you the last tip on motivation for a better life in 2018, the next one will come in 2019!

Boost your mind with positive energy and never give up! Exactly, never ever give up! 

Sometimes life is tricky and before we jump into the water we should learn to swim, but not everyone has the opportunity to learn before jumping. I am one of this group, I always jump into the water without thinking and without being able to swim, then I find I am drowning, but I don’t give up and somehow I learn how to find a way out. I’m not saying you should do things without thinking,  but you should boost your trust in yourself and go out and catch your dream! 

I know it’s not easy. Sometimes we are up, then we are down and this changes like we are on a rollercoaster.

When I find myself in some kind of bad situation, do you know what I always do? I simply get up, dust myself off and move forward again! Then I feel a thousand times stronger than I was before and I see that my target is not so far away from me! Sometimes it’s fu**ing difficult, but I know I can do it, and you have to remember this too! I also give lots of love when I’m in a bad situation and I always learn a lot from it. That’s why I never ever give up and always go forward toward my target.

Please never give up! Learn from the situation, stand up and go forward! Otherwise, you will never reach your goal and you will never be happy with your life! I believe in you, you can do it! Anyone can do it! Just trust in yourself, your intuition, your heart and remember Never Give Up.


Why you should never ever give up?

10 basic rules:

  • The Universe is testing you
  • You will feel stronger
  • If you don’t give up, your dream is just around the corner
  • Your dreams will become reality
  • You will feel more self-confident
  • It will open doors to other opportunities
  • It will bring you happiness, positive vibes and put you in a good mood
  • You will love what you do
  • You will become a more thankful and honest person 
  • You will discover a happy way of life 

PS: Remember why you started. Don’t give up, find a way.


Happy New Year to everyone!


With love to all of you Martina

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