Listen to your body

I know it sounds really easy when I say, “listen to your body” but I know that it’s not! It is a very long journey to find out everything about ourselves. First, we need to start to listen to what our bodies really need, not what our brain says. Maybe it will take us a short time to find out everything about ourselves or maybe it will take us a whole lifetime. I personally think it’s worth trying to find out everything about ourselves and starting to truly listen to our bodies.

Some time ago I was very ill. I went to the hospital, where I stayed for a few days. I asked myself, why am I here? The answer was, because I didn’t listen to my body and I was working and traveling like crazy without rest. That’s why I had to be in hospital and regain my energy. I realized that this was totally true. So I made a promise to myself to listen to my body more. Right now, I am trying to feed my body with healthy food and getting more rest. I know it all takes time.

How can you listen to your body?

My advice is;

  • Give yourself space – slow down. It might just be five minutes before the beginning of your working day…and yes, every one of us can find five minutes if we want to. Those minutes are yours alone.
  • Breathe more. It will help you to calm down. I always say; breathing is the key to everything. In every lifestyle situation a few deep breaths will always help a lot. Just breathe, give it time, and watch what happens.
  • Listen to your intention.
    Do you know that feeling in your belly? Sometimes it’s a little painful or feels like thousands of butterflies fluttering inside you. That’s the voice of your intention, your body. Go and do what your belly says.

Have fun and do the best for yourself and your body because it’s you! It’s the only real temple you have!

Be good = feel good.

Made with love Martina