Jivamukti meets Apanorama

Hey yogis, 

Today I would love to share with you something about JIVAMUKTI meets APANORAMA. 

On Saturday, July 8th, 2017, I went to My-Shanti Studio in Nürnberg for a special yoga class. JIVAMUKTI meets APANORAMA.

I guess, you ask what that’s it mean JIVAMUKTI meets APANORAMA? 

Well, the JIVAMUKTI YOGA method is a proprietary style of yoga. Jivamukti is a physical, ethical and spiritual practice.
In My-Shanti Studio Nürnberg, you can attend a Jivamukti yoga class by yoga teacher Jochen Reiter. (He is pretty good. I pleasure to attend his classes.) 

APANORAMA is a unique musician talent – artist based in Nürnberg, Germany. Create by Nora Maul and Michael Eppelein. In the implementation, this results in house-influenced electronic music, which also fits wonderfully into yoga. This young couple is creating their music by themselves and it’s sounding like a magic. No, I’m not kidding, they’re magic! Nora voice is simply beautiful, and I guess when you hear them you will fall in love, as I did! But it’s not only about the voice, their texts and music. It’s about themselves, their music is from their hearts and that’s what, I pleasure.
You can check and follow APANORAMA here, enjoy it. 🙂 

Inner apanorama

Apanorama Sink in

The special experience of Jivamukti yoga class with Jochen and the live music from Apanorama was really cool! I had a great time! 
Because, I was listening, flowing, sweating, dancing, laughing, of course enjoying and (ehh) breathing!
Thanks, thanks, thanks a lot! I came back (already exiting) for the next yoga class! 

Have a wonderful Sunday and enjoy the beautiful sunny weather!

(To all my followers:  I’m so sorry, I wasn’t writing posts about BaliSpirit festival, Bali, yoga and studios, travel etc. up to now. It is coming in the following months! Thanks for understanding). XOX Ciao

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