Jivamukti & Apanorama!

Hello everyone!

Finally, I can share with you my experience from Saturday evening!

In my last post, I wrote about “Jivamukti meets Apanorama once again”. If you didn’t read it but want to, please click here.

Today I want to share with you, how it all went…

I arrived at the class thirty minutes early because I wanted to get a good spot. Jochen, the Jivamukti teacher, along with Nora and Michael (the Apanorama band) were already there. They needed to fine-tune a few final things, before the lesson started. I decided to have a cup of tea at the entrance and talk with some of the other yogis. After a while, I met some of my friends, and we had a really good chat….after that I went to the yoga room and waited for the yoga lesson to begin accompanied by Apanorama-live music.

It was not even a few minutes before things really livened up. Jivamukti teacher Jochen told us what we would be doing and he introduced us to Apanorama. We started the yoga class with Om and after it began the beautiful voice of Nora and Apanorama music washed over us. We did a short mobilization cat and cow position and we continued with sun salutations and a special flow sequence. I enjoyed it a lot!

I can tell you, I was flowing, dancing and sweating like crazy! We did various powerful yoga positions. For example, standing split, tree positions, headstand….

The most difficult was Bakāsana – Crane/Crow, an arm balancing asana in which the hands are planted on the floor, shins rest upon the upper arms, and the feet are lifted up.

At the end of the lesson we had an unforgettable Shavasana. Why unforgettable? Because Nora sang a beautiful solo song and her voice was so lovely to listen to…. I felt like I was dancing among millions of stars. It was truly wonderful!


Thank you for the wonderful time I had with you.

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