Gyan Mudra 

What is Gyan Mudra?

Gyan Mudra or seal of knowledge. It’s a powerful hand symbol. It has been practiced in meditation for thousands of years. It’s one of the most practiced mudras of all.

How to do Gyan Mudra?

Sit in an Easy Pose. Keep the spine straight.
Place hands over the knee. Keep the elbow straight and the hand relaxed in Gyan Mudra. Touch the tip of the index finger to the tip of the thumb, finger, with the other three fingers stretched out.

For how long?

As long as long you want. There is no particular time duration for this mudra. You can practice by sitting, standing or lying on the bed, wherever and whenever you have time.


Jupiter; expansion.

Gyan Mudra does many good benefits:

  • It’s a mudra of knowledge, it enhances the knowledge.
  • It’s stimulates wisdom.
  • Increases memory power.
  • Sharpens the brain.
  • Enhances concentration.
  • Stimulating the root chakra.
  • It’s extremely calming and helping your meditation.
  • It’s brings the practitioner, spiritual openness.
  • If you we practice it regularly, it will cure all psychological disorders like mental, depression, anger or hysteria.

In Kundalini yoga as taught by Yogi Bhajan, he said that the Jupiter Finger relates to the element of Ether (Akaash) whereas in many forms of Ayurveda, this finger is said to relate to the element of Air. The science of mudra is somewhat fluid, as there are many traditions.  Should Gyan Mudra be seen as relating to the Ether Tattva instead of Air, the benefits would include the sense of hearing. No matter which element this finger represents, the end result of expansion, calm, elevation and receptivity to knowledge stay the same. (This note I have from

In Kundalini yoga there are many variations of this mudra in meditation and kriya.
I’m practicing Gyan Mudra every morning during my meditation and after I’m practicing Gyan Mudra Kriya. It’s changing my life a lot in a very positive direction. I feel more relaxed and less stressed.
You should try it. Gyan Mudra will ch
ange your daily experience to better and healthier lifestyle.
Please share your knowledge forward.
Mudra are incredible healing tools that we can all benefit from. Enjoy your experience.
Sat Nam!

Made with love by Martina