Feeling Stressed? 

Well, we are living in the 21st century, in a social media driven noisy and hectic world. In a world that never stops. We work from early morning until late night, eat junk food and most of the time we don’t even have time for ourselves, family and friends. We feel tired, stressed, depressed. In the end, we find out that this makes us very ill and at that point we realize that we have to change that kind of busy life. We realize we have to stop…..

I know it’s no surprise that your mind needs a little time off from the inevitable stress of constantly being on the go. 

Maybe you are asking; How can you put your mind at ease when you feel stressed or overwhelmed?

Here are some of my recommendations:

Try these ways to get balanced again!


When you start your self-care you should recognize that you are a human being and it’s absolutely ok to take good care of yourself!

“Self-care is an attitude that says, I’m responsible for myself”

Self-care Tips:

  • Get proper nutrition
  • Daily meditation 
  • Yoga
  • Breathing techniques
  • Get enough  sleep
  • Exercise 
  • Drink enough water 
  • Take small breaks
  • Go for a walk 

Now, ask yourself. What makes you happy? Then do it!

For example, one of my favourite tips is, write down some warm compliments, kind words, happy memories, you can also add your favourite photos or write down what you are thankful for.

Stress is not good for our wellbeing and can lead to bigger problems down the road. So, it’s time to kick out stress and live a happy, peaceful and balanced life! That’s why it’s so important to discover ways to find peace and relax and enjoy life every moment. Remember, taking time for yourself is very important and well worth investing time in. Do what makes you feel good and take care of yourself! You will feel better and your body, mind and spirit will thank you! 

It’s time to stop stressing!  It’s time to give ourselves more self-care and pampering!

PS: In the meantime, take care of yourself!

Photo by: warman.photo & crpges 

I wish you a happy day! Made with love by Martina