Create your own happiness!

You need only follow these “rules” and you will find your own happiness!

Happiness doesn’t happen to you, it happens because of you!

Other people can’t make you happy. You have to find and understand your own happiness. You have to grasp every day of your life. If you follow these 10 rules, I believe you will become really happy!

  1. Choose to be happy

First of all you need to choose to be happy every day, you decide on your happiness. Happiness doesn’t happen by accident. Happiness is a choice. You decide whether you will be happy with each day. Nothing outside of yourself can change to make you happy. Be positive about yourself and your life. Don’t let problems change you on any given day. Make sure every day is the best for you in your life! Treat every day as a gift that you may not get tomorrow and make the most of it. Make every day the best day of your life!

  1. Change negative thinking

Sometimes we are our own worst critics. Well, when your inner critic flows up, push it back down and tell it to shut up and sit down. Beating yourself up does not solve the issues or complexities in your life. Try to hold back those negative thoughts and concentrate only on positive thoughts.

  1. Be thankful

No matter how little you have or how much you think your life sucks right now, there are always things to be thankful for (Always).

Find those things and embrace them like your life depended on it. Recognizing things in your life that are good, beneficial or that make you happy and accepting them will raise your happiness level. When you are thankful, you do not dwell on that which you lack but on that which you have in abundance.

  1. Don’t compare yourself to other people

Social media only shows you the best aspects of other people’s lives. You never see the real truth with your own eyes. Stop comparing your life with the high points of other people’s lives. Go out and create your own high points. Go and do the things that make you happy, not things that others will think are amazing.

  1. Stop worrying

Worrying never solved anything. If you have the means to fix something, then fix it, otherwise stop worrying about it.

Do what you can when you can for who you can and let the rest take care of itself.

  1. Forgive and forget

Holding on to your hostility after a bad event just reminds you of your pain. It will only hurt you and will not change the person who hurt you. Let it go and move on with your life. Stop dwelling on those old wounds and let them heal with time. Forgiveness is a sweet gift of freedom for yourself, not necessarily for the other person.

  1. Be kind to others

Be kind to others and they will be kind to you. Bring happiness to someone who needs it and you will find yourself sharing in their happiness. Happiness is contagious and you can be a carrier if you really want to. You will be enriched with a sense of gratitude when you cheer someone up who does not expect it. So go out and spread some love.

  1. Money can’t buy happiness

Well, money can buy you pleasure, but not happiness. Pleasure is temporary and does not fill the hole you have inside. No amount of money can replace real happiness and satisfaction. Chasing money is an endless race with no finish line. Focus less on what you can’t have and more on what you do have.

  1. Create and achieve goals for yourself

Identify small, attainable goals for yourself. Try to achieve them before you go to bed in the evening, or make simple things out of simple things. Reach your goals and fulfil different dreams to be happy. You have not wasted a day; you have achieved something that was not done before you did it. You made something happen. Every day, find something that makes you happy and make it happen.

  1. Enjoy the small simple pleasures of life

I always say; Sometimes the smallest things take up the most room in your heart. Take pleasure in simple things, like tasty food, a beautiful sunrise or sunset, nature etc. Do not take everything as a matter of course. Realize how lucky you are to have a hot shower, warm bed and a roof over your head, these are the indescribable things that you should really enjoy.

PS: Memories cannot be stolen; you will always have them with you, so go and make some good memories to carry with you through the rough times.

Made with love by Martina