Bye-Bye Bali! Back to my home in Germany

Time has simply flown by and I can’t believe I am back home in Germany. The beautiful but crazy three weeks in paradise are now just a happy memory. Sometimes I ask myself; how can I stop time? If any of you know how, please tell me.

I just can’t wait and have the feeling that I have to count the days until my yoga retreat in the middle of Bali. (Ha ha)

Well, I am a bit sad and happy at the same time. Sad because I miss the incredible natural beauty, the morning sunrise and evening sunset, my friends, the best coconut water ever and the positive Balinese good vibes. Happy because, I am with my family, my hubby and my puppy, my friends and my favourite pizza and cheese!

What is the current situation?

Well, if you have been following me on social media, then you probably know I have been ill and had to go to hospital. At first I felt extremely good and then from one day to another it changed to terrible pain, I was crying and felt totally shi*. I had to go to hospital. It was so fast, literally from one moment to another. I had very bad chest pains – Angina and all of my muscles were in pain. I had to stay in hospital for 4 days. My illness originated in Germany because I was working too much and my body needed to relax and take a rest. That’s why the Universe sent me to hospital, so I will just stay in bed and do nothing. LOL. It was actually very informative, I realized that I have to listen to my body more and give myself more time for me. 

Listen to your body


Right now, I am happy and luckily healthy, back at work, in my office or the yoga studio or on the way to somewhere while working on my dreams, to have more fun with you guys, to do more yoga and relax our minds together.

How was Bali?

Bali was one big fun-filled awesome journey! I was travelling a lot and checking out several beautiful places, such as villas for our future yoga retreats. I have to say I found four beautiful villas with totally different locations but all of them are so special and unique! So the plan is to have the yoga retreat in these locations and each of you can choose your dream yoga retreat in the perfect place in Bali. Stay on, and sign my newsletter, be the first to read it or sign.

The second week in Bali, I had new yoga teacher training; INSIDE FLOW YOGA! It was crazy! From the physical side we worked so hard. I had the feeling that I never had enough, but I felt a bit painful yet totally happy! It was so perfect, cool! (I will write about this in another blog).

The third week was also crazy. Again, I was travelling and went to the west side of Bali where I had never been before. Afterwards, I went to the Bali spirit festival 2018 as part of my daily routine. You can probably imagine that there was no real pause for me. Each day there were several yoga sessions, dancing or other events and in the evening there were night venues. I couldn’t always do everything so I only went to the night venues twice. Most evenings I felt totally tired and tried to get to get bed early.

The last 3 days were crazy too, LOL. I went to visit my friends in the middle of Bali. Actually this place is where our yoga retreat will be this October. I wanted to check the villa one more time and work out our yoga plan. I also tried a special cleansing bath and learned to make my own tea (I will teach you this too at my yoga retreat), but I will write about this another time. After my stay there, I went back to the east of Bali. I finally relaxed for the last few days by swimming in the ocean, eating my favourite fried rice and delicious fruit and spending time with my best friend, who I currently miss a lot.

Made with love Martina