Hawiyat Najm – Bimmah Sinkhole

One of the most beautiful sinkhole on the earth is located in Oman (Dabab Village – 113km away from Muscat). Bimmah Sinkhole is known as “Dabab Sinkhole”.
The Sinkhole is a wondrous place for swimming with a beautiful clear blue water.

There are several stories behind the formation of the Hawiyat Najm. Local inhabitants have a legendary story whereby a meteorite fell in this location. As its name indicates in Arabic “Hawiyat Najm” translates into English to “The Falling Star”. From the research conducted by experts and geologist confirmed that the crater was formed as a natural consequence of the interaction of dissolving limestone located at this location, which contain calcium carbonate with water, which resulted in the collapse of earths upper crust layer – These information are written on the sing Hawiyat Najm.

Truly, beautiful place, MUST VISIT!!!

Made with Love By Martina