The Most Beautiful Beaches in Bali

Explore the best beaches in Bali! Get ideas of where to go for surfing, diving, swimming or just lounging on the sand.

Bali has so many different types of beaches. Even on nearby beaches the sand can vary from white, black, gold or brown coloration. Some beaches are full of shells or scattered with big rocks, others are soft with fluffy fine sand.

1. Pandawa Beach or Secret Beach
Located in Southern Bali in the village of Kutuh. Because of the stunning white sand and crystal clear waters you will feel like in a paradise. Pandawa is perfect for swimming, diving or lounging on the sand and do nothing. Just relax and enjoy the moment as I did! Truly, this was one of the best beaches, where I have ever been. Love this spot!

2. Blue Point Beach or Sulubam
Located on the southern shore of Bali, on the top of the cliff. Perfect place for surfing. One of the top place watch the sunset! The beach is sheltered but there are quite a lot of people. To get to the beach you have to climb a narrow stairs. The view is beautiful, you can enjoy it from the bar upstairs while sipping a cocktail or from downstairs at the beach. The water is clear, but there are many rocks. So be careful! I have to mention, the beach is not good for swimming, but perfect for surfing. You can walk through the caves to get to other parts of the beach.

3. Karma or Ungasan Beach
The sea is full of corals and many nice things to see. Awesome sunset!
The access onto this beach is through Karma Kandara Resort. If you do not stay there, you can visit the restaurant for dining or a drink and then you can use the funicular to go down to the beach. The beach view was wonderful. The sea water was very clear.

4. Padang Padang Beach
Located in Uluwatu. Favorite place for surfers. Padang Padang Beach is having a beautiful scenic view. This beach is a rocky beach with a small sandy area for sunbathing and relax, but safe for bathing.

5. Balangan Beach
Located in Pecatu – Jimbaran.
This Beach is very nice with lovely view. You can take a lot of photos, but the beach is not suitable for swimming, big stones on the beach and large waves. Perfect place for surfing.

6. Perasi Beach or White Sand Beach
Located east of Bali, Karangasem.
Very quiet place, without villas and hotels or any other tourist accommodation. Good for swimming. This beach has white sand and clear water. Worth to visit!

7. Amed Beach
Located east of Bali, Karangasem.
Nice view, nice beach, nice weather, not many tourists and beach seller!

8. Balian Beach
Located in West of Bali – Tabanan. The Black sand beach is ideal for surfers.

9. Dreamland Beach
Located in Pecatu – Jimbaran, South of Uluwatu.
Is a beautiful coral beach with awesome views. One of the best surfing points in Bali.

10. Finn’s Beach
Located south of Bali Ungasan.
Private but great beach club!
The view is awesome. It’s a clean, private and quiet. Great for swimming and drinking cocktails, but it’s more expensive.

11. Green Bowl
Located south of Bali Ungasan.
Cool beach with caves and only a few tourists. Good for surfing.

12. Kuta Beach
Located in Kuta.
I noticed this is a crowded beach. There are lots of hotels around the beach and lots of people come here to swim as well as to catch the sun. This beach is a local hotspot for surfing.

13. Seminyak Beach
Located in Seminyak.
Seminyak beach is Bali’s most fashionable area. Luxury resort and many small boutiques. Good for surfing, but for swimming it’s fine too. Really, cool place!

14. Nusa Dua Beach
Located in Nusa Dua. There are plenty of Resorts and Hotels along the beach. This Beach is very clean with nice and soft sand and it’s not too deep so it is safe for the kids.

Made with Love By Martina