AZURE LAKE – Lago di Como

I guess, everyone knows about the Italian lake Lago di Como, but for me it is more than a lake. That’s the way, I named this place AZURE LAKE. The explanations for it is because I feel it like that.

Lake Como is a wonderful spot to spend a weekend or a few days. It’s truly breathtaking and offers wonderful views. Lago di Como is shaped like an upside down Y.
It’s situated in the mountain terrain of Northern Italy, surrounded by the natural beauty of the snow covered Rhaetian Alps. The temperature of the Lake is colder, but the water is azure blue. It’s an amazing area of Italy.

With the ferry system you can hop on and hop off at different towns on the lake and explore various parts of the lake. This beautiful lake is about an hour from Milan.
I spent my weekend here at Lago di Como. The genuine family run B&B Hotel was in Nesso, for an amazing price with a view over the lake.
Lovely village without tourist with beautiful nature and very friendly Italian people. I have to say that, I felt like an Italian. 🙂
During my stay, I was traveling around the lake and exploring new places.
 One of my favorite place was with waterfall, it is located in the city Nesso.
The waterfall in Nesso is spectacular and offers a pleasant constant reminder of nature. I was walking to the waterfalls through the tiny Medieval streets and countless cobble stone steps. It was so gorgeous, beautiful and pretty together! 
During my visit in Como. I visited the Como Cathedral (Cathedrale di Santa Maria Assunta, Duomo di Como). Really, impressive. It’s the Roman Catholic cathedral of Como. A very nice old church with an amazing architecture, art. It’s located in a very picturesque square.
Basilica of San Fedene is another an interesting church and it’s located nearby Duomo.
In Como, I attended many tiny streets with fancy and unique shops and plenty of restaurants with the most delicious food and wines. I think, I had a few pizzas and I tested many different pasta…
I enjoyed every second of everything, the delicious food and wine, awesome areas and every second of the truly beautiful Italy. And that’s the reason why to visit this place! You can feel, see and enjoy the Italian lifestyle everywhere you go!

I would truly recommend Lago di Como to everyone!

Made with Love By Martina