Martina Schenkl is the founder of YogaFantasy. She is a qualified RYT 200 YIN and YANG Vinyasa yoga teacher, Qualified RYT 150 Inside Flow Yoga Teacher, 50 Stunden The Upgrade Part 1, Qualified RPYS 85 hours Prenatal Yoga Flow Teacher, qualified Yin Yoga 45UE by Tanja Seehofer, qualified RYT 20 The Elements of Mastery Part I, Qualified TKD – Technika Kvantoveho Doteku Matrixu, Qualified ALL LEVELS OF SHAMBHALLA method of Natural Healing, Qualified  USUI-SHIKI-RYOHO – First and Second Degree in the REIKI method of Nature Healing.

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Martina loves to motivate and inspire people with her healthy, fit lifestyle and positive vibes. She has studied the causes and symptoms of stress, depression and anxiety as well as the best ways to combat them. Her major aim is to help people fight these symptoms and build up their physical strength, reduce mental stress levels and calm their mind and spirit.

She believes that yoga, meditation and good breathing techniques are the best tools to use against these symptoms. Martina says, even though I am a yoga teacher and I give lessons, I will always be a student too. In her opinion, yoga is a life path, and she can always learn something new.

Martina’s yoga lessons are always unique & authentically prepared with special peak positions or a main focus. In her lessons you will experience slow (Yin) or powerful (Yang)  movements with deep breathing. She always ends her yoga lessons with a deep relaxing position (shava-asana) and afterwards she continues with meditation. At the end of the class she will read you some short motivational quotations to inspire you. After her class you will feel very relaxed and like you have been reborn.

When Martina is not doing yoga, she is trying to help animals and people in need.

Martina grew up in the countryside. Her house was in the middle of nature in the Czech Republic. She says maybe that is the reason why she loves nature so much, and being in nature heals her. Martina was very creative from a young age, she began dancing and as a teenager she became a dance teacher.

Martina’s hobby is being funny, laughing and enjoying life to the fullest. She says;

I try to give the best of myself in this life, I don’t care what people think about me because I am the way I am. That makes me free and happy. I know my mission in this life is to help people with yoga and meditation. Martina Schenkl

One of her big passions is traveling around the world taking photographs and meeting different people from all kinds of cultures.

She also loves walking in nature, reading good books, driving cars, eating healthy food and enjoying good wine. And of course she loves practicing yoga and fitness exercises.

Martina is based in Adenau, Germany, but you can find her from time to time in Prague in the Czech Republic or even in Bali.

Martina practices yoga and meditation daily. She says “I love myself, so I want to give my body, mind and soul the very best, and that is yoga. Yoga heals me from the inside and from the outside. If I practice yoga daily it makes me happy, calms my mind and gives me a beautiful figure”.

Martina Schenkl

  • Qualified RYT 200 YIN and YANG Vinyasa Yoga Teacher 
  • Qualified RPYS 85 hours Prenatal Yoga Flow Teacher 
  • Inside Flow Yoga Teacher 150 h. 2018, 2019, 2020
  • 50 Stunden The Upgrade Part 1 (2020) (Inside Yoga)
  • Qualified Yin Yoga 45UE by Tanja Seehofer 
  • Qualified RYT 20 The Elements of Mastery Part (Matt Giordano – the yogi Matt)
  • Qualified ALL LEVELS OF SHAMBHALLA method of Nature Healing
  • Qualified  USUI-SHIKI-RYOHO – First and Second Degree in the REIKI method of Nature Healing
  • Qualified TKD – Technika Kvantoveho Doteku Matrixu
  • Participated in the Yoga Conference Germany with Stefanie Arend – Sequencing in Yin Yoga
  • Participated in the Yoga Weekend Antarik Czech Republic – Yoga and Theory
  • Participated in White Tantric 2017
  • Participated in Inner Axis – The alchemy of transformation with Max Strom
  • Participated in Vital life, saner life, better sleep – Stress management with Max Strom
  • Participated in Some doors only open from the inside – The healing power of the transformational breath work with Max Strom
  • Participated in Inner Axis – Essentials with Max Strom 
  • Participated in the Bali Spirit Festival 2017
  • Participated in the Bali Spirit Festival 2018
  • Participated  breath of bliss with Christabel Zamor in Bali 2018 
  • Participated in the Bali Spirit Festival 2019
  • Provide Yoga Retreat in Bali 2019, Czech Republic 2018
  • Has learned from the world’s best leaders: Young-Ho Kim, Maya Fiennes, Mark Whitwell, Matt Giordano, Isabel Lasthaus, Max Strom, Stefanie Arend, David Lurey, Mirjam Wagner, Deva Dwabha, Christabel Zamor…..

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