A message from Bali, and not only for me!

A message from Bali, and not only for me! Bali is an extremely interesting place and any time you go there you will find something new, just like I do. Of course, it’s very individual and depends if you take a trip as a solo traveler or not….
Anyway, I think everyone will find something new on this Island of Gods.

My way to Bali was from the very beginning full of interesting surprises, mysterious and interesting people, lifetime friends and adventure.

This was my fourth time in Bali, and I have the feeling that I explored many new and different places over and over again. If you have ever been to Bali and did not just visit the tourist spots, you know what I am talking about.

When I arrived in Bali I went to check out one of the villas for my retreat, and there I met Ayu. Ayu works at and takes care of the villa, she is a very friendly and beautiful lady from Bali. From the very first moment we knew we would become very good friends. We shared some of our life stories and so on …… The message from Ayu to me was; be yourself and follow your heart….
(Ayu, if you are reading this, Thank you for your love and kindness, it is a real pleasure for me to meet a friend like you).
Ayu introduced me to Yandex and his family, Yandex is a Balinese healer. He tries to help people. Yandex is a very honest person, and you can see that he really is trying to help people. His message to me was; be grateful for every single moment and enjoy every single moment.

Before I went to Ubud I met a few more interesting people. Some of them recommended their favourite books to me. When I arrived back home, I bought a few of these books and surprisingly the message of the books was the same as they had told me; Be yourself and follow your heart….

When I arrived in Ubud I checked into one of my favourite Resorts (Alaya Jembawan). There was a hotel restaurant; the Herb Library. I had my breakfast there each day. This place was special to me, because every time I went there, by chance I met my friends or mysterious people.

Why mysterious? Because, once there was a lady sitting at the table next to mine with her husband and she was telling his future with her cards. When she finished, I asked her if she could do the same for me. She was very happy and said of course.
I have to say, I was totally shocked because she really told me all the things that I expected or had planned in my mind for that week.
Afterwards we chatted for a while, she told me that she created the cards herself and that she can tell the future with them. She really was a very mysterious lady.
I decided to buy her cards. The funny thing about it was, the cards have the name Inside Out.
Why funny? Because, my yoga teacher training in Bali was called Inside Flow. I started laughing and explained why, to her….
By the way the message from her was; be yourself, follow your heart and everything you need is inside.

The next day I had my first Inside Flow yoga teacher training. I totally fell in love with this yoga style and had so much fun! The message from our teacher was be yourself and all you need is inside…..

And that is how it continued on my travels in Bali. Wherever I went and whoever I met, they all told me the same; BE YOURSELF & FOLLOW YOUR HEART! DO NOT CARE WHAT OTHERS THINK OR SAY ABOUT YOU, SIMPLY BE YOURSELF, BECAUSE YOU ARE WORTH IT.

This message from BALI really opened my eyes and I don’t give a shi* about being me anymore! I learned a lot from this message and finally lost my fear of being who I AM.

I don’t try to be perfect or the best because I am not. I know that sometimes I make mistakes, but it’s OK. I am only human and I am learning from all the good or bad experiences. They are what actually move me forward.
I can only be myself and people can like me the way I AM or not. But truly I just don’t care. The only thing I care about is being happy with myself and getting the maximum out of myself. And see, that’s happening, because I believe in; You get what you give! It doesn’t matter if it’s good or not, you get what you deserve.

Anyway, I am sharing this message, here with you because it’s not only a message for me and maybe if you read this you will find it’s for you too. Think about it, because you don’t need to be the most perfect, most beautiful, clever and so on, just put your mask away, be yourself and listen to your heart.


Like my teacher said, everything is INSIDE.


Made with love by Martina